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Hello, I am Mary.  Thank you for checking out my website and photos.  I have been a photographer since I was 15 years old and given my first camera. An old Minolta SRT101 (Which I still have and use).   I took photography classes in  Junior High and High School, and in college which taught me from the ground up how to compose a photograph, manipulate the shot with the manual settings on the camera, manual focus, and then develop the image. I am proud of the fact that I understood the pure basics and advanced aspects before anything digital or "auto" was ever invented. I have been hooked taking photographs everywhere I could since then. Along with High School track meets and football games, Weddings, Mt. Bike races, and dogs...lots of dogs.   Since then,  I ALWAYS have at least one camera on me and can always be counted on for all the family photos or gatherings or with friends. 


I started my first business endeavor in photography in 1986 with Wedding photography.  I soon found I really disliked weddings, and then centered my passions with sports action photography and the scenic mountain views that I would climb to capture on film, as well as  photos of my own dogs. Along with my passion to capture the images of our present, I am an avid and passionate outdoors person and dog lover and owner. 

Mountain Bike racing was also huge a passion I enjoyed.  I raced and knew a lot of local racers.  I followed the NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association) Races and World Cup Circut taking photos of local racers and nationally ranked racers throughout the West Coast and the Northwest.  Races were exciting for me to capture as a means to share spectacular feats among friends and athletes I knew.  As technology advanced, the days of running my many rolls of film into a studio to develop,  print out what I thought were the money shots, mail them to the magazines and wait to get paid were gone as  the digital camera arena was introduced.  I begrudgingly hung up my camera for a time.  In 2006 I finally spent the money on my first digital camera, a Nikon D80, brand new of that year.  Since then, I have my beloved  Nikon D750.  I again had  my passion of capturing the images of day to day life and what I am grateful for each and every day.  Whether it's photographing  my beloved dogs, the LabShepCrew  (www.labshepcrew.org), other people's furry family members, family, friends, or outdoor adventures, I am in the moment and want to always remember what I saw first hand and have a piece of art work to enjoy for  a long time. 

Vision Images, are the images of your vision.  I will gladly and patiently take photos of pets all day long just to capture that one "special shot" to have for years to come.  I have the understanding and patience to allow your pet to feel comfortable and have fun while capturing their unique personality and a portrait that melts your heart.  I will trek outdoors for a shoot to capture the images of which day dreams are made of. . Go on an all day hike to capture spectacular images only few see first hand.  I also will capture the sites as I travel and explore. 

Vision Images Photography, are the Images of your vision. Artwork to cherish forever. 


  I am a true believer in being in the moment, and through photography, specifically, Vision Images Photography,  I can capture that moment. 

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