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My dog gets overly excited when  in new places and in new environments.  I don't think a session is possible because of how hyper and excited he/she will be, plus we don’t have our sit-stay down yet.  This is no problem what so ever. I am very patient and relaxed working with dogs/pets and it is important for me to allow them to feel comfortable while doing a photo shoot. I find other ways to work with your pet to allow them to feel comfortable with me while I take their photographs. My goal is to capture their individual personalities as you see your pet.

My dog cannot be off-leash in a public place, as he doesn’t have good recall and will likely chase another dog or squirrel.  Our Studio space is completely enclosed and inside. If your dog walks away we can easily redirect him/her without worry.  Also, I only allow one client at a time in studio to ensure other animals are not a distraction.   When outside ALL my photo shoots are done either on leash anchored to the ground or I have you or an assistant standing off camera holding their leash. My first priority is your pet’s safety and well being. I will then use post production editing in Photoshop to edit out the leash for a natural portrait of your pet.

I have  scheduled a session for my dog, what do need to bring or do prior and during our session?  This is an excellent question:  During our phone consult prior to our photo session I will go over this for your individual needs.  To answer here I will suggest your dog/cat’s favorite treats ( especially if they have specific treats for allergies)  or toy, poop bags if you want to walk around prior to have your pet try to relieve themselves before entering the studio or session. I do provide treats and toys to gain their attention if you forget and will allow you to choose which is best for your pet if you have a preference. For all pet’s I suggest keeping your daily routine as much as possible and some exercise prior so they can unwind a tad beforehand.

My dog is very skittish and afraid in new environments, how do I get him/her to relax for a session:  We can try a couple different approaches:  One, being is that we photograph your dog/pet in it’s home environment to ease their stress. And Two, we take our time in a relaxed manner and allow him/her to become accustomed to the studio and myself.  And lastly, we can also do photos with you in them if you wanted.  Sometimes a pet just wants to be comforted by his person.


My dog is very old and frail, and I want a portrait before his time is up. How do you accommodate older dogs:  This is one of the very reasons I love doing this, to capture precious moments between you and your faithful companion and of your faithful companion. My goal is to make this a comfortable as possible for the both of you.  I will want to know what accommodations you will need, like the best surface for him/her to be on, what time of the day is best and if this session is urgent, please reach out anytime and we will do our utmost to accommodate a time that works best. 

Can I bring multiple pets in for one photo shoot? Most certainly, there is no extra charge as long as they are from the same household.

Why can't I order digital images?  I consider my work an art form and spend time editing all photographs with that in mind.  My style and professionalism goes into each and every photo. By selling, or giving away my digital files I am giving up my control of what I take great pride in as an artist. By doing so, I am unable to uphold my guarantee of quality of the results.  Doing so, I also compromise my reputation and future work as a professional photographer. I am, however willing to provide low- resolution images with my watermark discretely in the lower corner for each photo ordered  to share on social media or save as a wall paper.  These are strictly non-printable images. 

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